Explore Granada Spain

Granada is a city with quite a rich history. It has been inhabited for the last 2,500 years and for a significant period was under Muslim rule. Much of the city today still retains that Moorish character. Friends of mine who run an Edmonton Chiropractor clinic recently visited Spain and had the chance to really take in the rich history. Thanks to their input and some of my own digging, I’ve put together the top must-see attractions in Granada, Spain.

Alhambra Palace
Granada is the home to the Alhambra Palace, one of the most well known Islamic palaces in the world. If you come to Spain, it is a must-see sight if you are in the southern regions here. It is the number one site in Granada.

Cathedral of Granada
The Cathedral of Granada a very large Cathedral in the center of the downtown area. The cathedral was built in the 16th century and is Spain’s second-largest Cathedral. It is renowned for its bright Renaissance interior. It’s definitely worth coming inside and checking out the magnificent altar and also the very large pipe organ.

South of the cathedral is the Alcaiceria or a series of winding markets that used to be old souk markets but are now a series of winding souvenir shops. The Muslim influence is very clear from walking around the streets of Granada; from the souvenirs that the shops sell to the architecture to even the coca-cola signs.

Tea Houses
While in Granada, you can step into an Arabian tea house and have some Arabian tea or Caribbean coffee. The tea has kind of a minty lemony flavor to it. You really don’t have to look hard for tea houses in Grenada, they are just about everywhere. After a long day of walking around Grenada or the Alhambra, a tea house makes an excellent spot to relax, and each one has its own different vibe. The interesting side dish that they seem to serve with their tea here is crepes.

San Cristobal
For some of the best views and picture-taking of Alhambra, you can take minibus 31 up to the top of the hill to the San Cristobal viewing area which is a neat spot to see Grenada from a high. Bus 31 also stops at Plaza Mirador de San Nicolas which is another great picture taking spot of Alhambra. The Granada city view isn’t quite as nice but the Alhambra view is even nicer. If you stopped at Cristobal, you can also walk about 10 minutes to get here. You will know you are here because well just about half of the tourists in Granada are here with you.

So if you are headed to the south of Spain to see the Alhambra and you are in Granada, make sure to check out the rest of the city.